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Guest Blog – Winter’s Island by Lilian MacKenzie Rhine

Today I welcome Lillian MacKenzie Rhine on her blog tour for the release of her vampire romance, Winter’s Island.



Cay Winters is an impressionable free spirit from Los Angeles, California. Losing her mother at a very youthful age has given her a drive to live life a certain way. Her aunt Lulu and cousin Malcolm welcome her into their hearts, taking care of all of the things needed by a motherless child. Being an artist has taken her to a lot of interesting places; but when the chance to live in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands appears, she is eager to take it.

Once there, she is overwhelmed by the beauty and the mystique of the Virgin Islands. The food, the beaches, the attractions are amazing, but William Gatling is the best part. He takes on the task of teaching Cay how to love the right way. The only problem is the secret that he holds from her. A revelation that could rip her from his heart; or, worse yet, end her life.

The two lovers spend so much effort trying to fight their inner demons that they cannot see the true devils that are sitting in front of their faces. Once Cay fights her battles within, she can finally win the war outside. Once William accepts the truth, he can see the light.


I asked Lilian to tell us who, in her opinion, would enjoy this book.

This book in my opinion would appeal to any type of audience even though it is in the paranormal genre. With Winter’s Island being a vampire romance, definitely vampire fans, specifically in the new adult to middle aged adult (21 and over)  would love this read. Do not let the word vampire turn you away if you have never read a piece of that kind in the past. Winter’s Island gives you all the knowledge of vampires without a good portion of the gore and blood. There is a perfect mix of romance, adventure, villainism, with the added hint of vampiric behavior.

I would not recommend that young adult readers take part in this particular read due to mature material and explicit nature. This is definitely a book for adults. With there being a deadly fierce rivalry between the two brothers, there are moments of actions in this romance that would interest men as well. If I could name all of the subgenres that would be attached to this book, they would be as follows: action, adventure, suspense, and drama. If you are reader of those genres, then Winter’s Island would not fail to entertain you and the masses.

Love tropical islands, then this book is for you as well. Do you appreciate descriptive writing in your reads, then Winter’s Island will absolutely make you feel as if you are a part of every scene.

Overall, the dangerously sexy vampire romance filled with adventurous fights and addicting plots is a read that will have any warm-blooded human (cold-blooded also <wink>) entertained from beginning to end.


Please enjoy a small scene from Winter’s Island below:

After hours of chatting with Malcolm with a few naps in between, Cay became invigorated knowing that they were moments from touch down. She could feel it in her skin that St. Thomas was were she needed to be. So rich with locals, aqueous beds of wildlife, lavish foliage, and fragrant dishes from the booming environment, the island was a mecca for Cay’s imagination. The plane taxied on the tarmac and Cay was speechless at the vision. She could not believe that she was going to be residing in the miraculous station of the life and living. Cay had gone to heaven, standing in the world of her wildest dreams.

She turned to Malcolm snatching a taut area of skin on his arm. “Ouch! What the hell did you do that for?” He asked scowling at the pain. She swatted at his arm making him yelp again. “I pinched you because we must be in a dream. But do not think because you are down in the islands, away from your mom, that you can be cursing like a sailor. Do not try me Malcolm Winters.”

“First ‘hell’ is in the Bible; and second, yes, it is spectacular here.” They rose to exit the plane when Cay stopped Malcolm’s progression. “You say ‘hell’ one more time and you will need a Bible.” They both laughed continuing on through the terminal.

Cay and Malcolm were both equipped with matching Louis V rolling and carry-on luggage trekking through the bustling airport. The rest of their items were being shipped to their villa in a few days so the two decided to pack enough things to last the week. They walked out into the thickness of a humid morning, taking in the random families running about. Malcolm’s instructions were to meet with his liaison from the university after leaving baggage claim.

Excited with the over-stimulation of her environment, Cay panned around taking in the entire scene. Glee filled her face as she clenched Malcolm’s arm. Her pulse shot out of her veins with every passing second. Disbelief had set in, making her aware that she was not visiting for a few days but living amongst the glory.

Focusing in on a particular area that caught her peripheral, a curious figure nestled against the wall. Cay felt her hairs stand on end as she filled with vexation. It was if she was being sucked into a vacuum of people with the strangers surrounding her. Soon perspiration started to form on her brow, and her head began the tell tale signs of a migraine. Before she could alert Malcolm to her discomfort, the out of focus figure in question took the distinct form of a human.

He was gorgeous, athletic physique with a ebony complexion, hair trimmed to his head. His loose jeans were not concealing all his girth and massive muscular tendons with fibers underneath. Losing restraint over the situation, Cay gulped needing a refreshment and quick. He approached the two newcomers, Cay taking notice of his unbuttoned shirt, silkened onyx skin, the hardened chest of a man beast glistening in the afternoon sun. Women, running children, and shouting men that populated the airport halted becoming blurs of blue and white, but the gleam of brown emitting from his eyes blinded out her atmosphere. His nearness made her heart ache; outside of his mystifying eyes, Cay stood listless in another sinister visual trap. The stark white instruments protruding from his mouth made everything freeze causing Cay to shake.

“Teeth?” She uttered, blanking out into a deep hole of darkness.


To read more about this new type of romance, purchase Winter’s Island by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine with the links provided below.



Check on her other works and posting at her blog listed below.





Horror Anthology – December release.

I have finally finished my twenty horror short stories, and my planned horror anthology is now finished to first draft.  Once my next novel, Bygora Vandos is safely out, which will be during the second week of October, I can devote my time to editing the anthology and getting it formatted for a December release.

I had a scout around the stock photo sites for cover art ideas and found several suitable photos to give me ideas.  I’ve been planning this anthology for ages, so I’ve had plenty of time to think about cover art, font etc.  It will be fun to see it finished.

Watch this space for updates.

Character building and why flaws are important.

I’m getting excited for my new release, Bygora Vandos, which will be out during the second week of October.  This book is the second volume in The Sinclair V-Logs series and sees Sam Sinclair take on an undercover job that ends up costing him dearly.

In Bygora Vandos, we find out more about Sam as a man, a little of his history and a couple of the most powerful events in his life that have shaped him and the way he interacts with people.  Like all people, Sam has experienced bad times and understanding them helps us to get to know him as a person and aids us in connecting with him in a much closer way.  Sam is an interesting and sometimes, complex character.  A man with a strict code most of the time, he understands that from time to time, circumstances call for him to step outside of his code.  Although he doesn’t like having to do this, occasionally it’s necessary for him to get the job done.  Like all people, Sam sometimes makes mistakes, he’s a person not a robot and giving him flaws makes him real.  Nobody is perfect.

As you are no doubt aware, when meeting someone new, it takes time to get to know them fully.  As time goes on you find out more about the person, their likes and dislikes, their morals, what motivates them and the things that get them down.  This is how all of our relationships develop, it’s normal human interaction and I feel this to be a very important aspect of character building in fiction.  Sometimes, an author gives you everything there is to know about a character right from the start, and that disappoints me greatly.  Without anything more to discover, the character becomes boring and I quickly lose interest, and I’m sure it’s the same for most people.

When building your characters, remember to hold back, especially if you plan more books with the same character.  It gives us something to look forward to in later books so that we buy them to find out more about the character we’ve come to like from your previous volume.  As my dad used to say when he caught Mother and I talking about women’s dress sense, “it’s not what you show that titillates us, it’s what you don’t show.”

New Release by Maria Savva – 3 – A Trio of Short Stories


Author Bio:

Maria is a writer of short stories and novels. She has always been a storyteller, and an avid reader, and is now having a lot of fun in her adventure with the creative art of writing. She has published 5 novels, including a psychological thriller, a family saga, and a fantasy/paranormal/time travel book. She also has 5 collections of short stories, the latest “3” has been described as an “Innovative showcase” of her short stories. If you like stories that will take you deep inside the characters’ hearts and minds, and you like twists in the tale, you will probably want to try these stories.

As well as writing, Maria is a lawyer (not currently practising law). During her career, she worked in family law, criminal law, immigration, residential property law, and wills & probate, among other things. Many of her stories are inspired from her own experiences and the experiences of those she knows or has known. Chances are, if you get to know this author it won’t be long before you are changed forever into a fictional character and appear in one of her books. If she likes you, you may become a romantic hero/heroine; if she doesn’t… well, she writes a good thriller I hear.

Maria currently divides her time between working as an administrator in a university, and writing/reading/editing/blogging. She maintains the BestsellerBound Recommends blog helping to promote fellow indie authors. She’s also a music blogger for UK Arts Directory where she helps promote independent musicians.



File created with CoreGraphics


A trio of short stories.

Memories from the past can haunt the present.

1. Never To Be Told – Tom and Amber are on a romantic date… but the past is always present.

2. The Bride – In this paranormal short, Olivia makes a chilling discovery.

3. What The Girl Heard – Victoria revisits a place that holds a dark reminder of an incident from her childhood. She had vowed she would never return.

Where to purchase 3

“3” is Currently available in Kindle format (Can be read on a Mac, PC, iPad, Smartphone etc., with the free downloadable apps from Amazon). Look out for the paperback coming soon.

Amazon US:

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Connect with Maria

Official website:

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UK Arts Directory Blog:



Click to watch the video trailer for 3

New webpage for my new release.

Just to announce that there is a new page here for my next release, Bygora Vandos.  Click here to read the blurb and excerpt from my brand new space opera.

This second volume in The Sinclair V-Logs series will be available to purchase during early October 2013.  The page will be updated as the release date approaches, so keep watching.

Camp Nanowrimo July 2013

camp certificate


I am pleased to have completed July Nano.  It was not as quick to write this book as some of my others have been, due in part because it’s done in 3rd person but from just one character’s POV.  I usually do 3rd person omniscient and feel most comfortable with that, but I like to challenge myself and this was a very interesting experience.  It’s also a bit of a romance, which is not my favourite genre but again, I try not to limit myself.

Quest for the Ta’ali will hopefully be out in the new year 2014.

Brand new release – Acts of Life



I have great pleasure in being able to finally announce that my latest science fiction novel is finally out.  It will take a day or two or Amazon links to go live, but paperbacks can be purchased now from and e-books from smashwords,com

I wrote Acts of Life in twenty days during last November’s NaNoWriMo and am very proud of it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the Acts of Life page, where the blurb and buy links can be found.

Here is the link to the page where you can read 3 excerpts from Acts of Life.

New Release Coming Soon

Hey folks, it’s been a while I know but I’ve been catching up with all the episodes of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Universe I’ve never seen.  I made it through to season 8  of SG1 in about a week before I got sick of it and stopped watching.  The first couple of seasons were great but then it got all p0litical and I began to lose interest.  By season 8 all the old bad guys were being magically brought back to life time after time and I couldn’t bear it any longer.  Thankfully there are only 2 seasons of Universe and I loved every single episode.

So now I’ve got that out of my system it’s back to editing my next release.

Acts of Life stars Jake Elloway, a handsome but arrogant movie star who reluctantly agrees to spend 3 months aboard an inter galactic freight liner to research the work and lifestyle of a character he is to play in his next movie.  Things rapidly take a turn for the worse and he finds himself in a fight for survival he may not win.  Along the way he is forced to face up to his character flaws and acknowledge the emotional baggage from his past that he locked away years ago.  With few friends amongst the frieght liner’s crew he soon realises the privileged lifestyle he enjoys is built upon lies and fakery.  As his companions fight for their lives and his, Jake realises that being a famous movie star does nothing to help them all survive.

I wrote Acts of Life in 20 days during last November’s NaNoWriMo and I’m really looking forward to its release in June.  I’ll keep you all updated regularly.