Product Review – L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit


Eyebrows are a thing now. I mean, they always were a thing, but now they’re more of a thing than ever. Every woman now has to include brow husbandry into her daily routine. There has always been an accepted ‘best way’ of doing one’s brows. There’s the ‘proper’ places to start and finish, the ‘ideal’ height of arch, and the ‘accepted’ thickness etc. The internet is awash with examples of brows gone horribly, hilariously wrong and those of us of a certain age can look back in horror at brow fashions of the past. Who remembers Angela Rippon and those surprised arches we all dreamed of copying?

Today, the accepted look is a fuller, bushier brow and I, for one, am grateful. I can distinctly remember Brooke Shields being torn apart by the media for her bushy brows but she remained resolute and I bet she’s laughing now.  While the rest of us have to fill in and paint over the bare patches caused by our over eager plucking, hers are naturally healthy and bushy and just need a bit of a tidy up.

I learned how to do mine well for the first time in my life, by following a Youtube video and I’ve been happy with this routine for the past year or so since I learned it. Then I splashed out on semi permanent eyebrow tattoos, which was a mistake I would not recommend anyone repeating. For three days I had beautiful natural looking brushstroke eyebrows that quickly became brown smudges that I still had to fill in just as I did before. Waste of time and money. Learn from me and don’t do it.

Now we have a new kit from our old friend, L’Oreal in the form of the Brow Artist Genius Kit. I purchased this from Boots for £9.99, which is not too much to risk for nice brows.

Inside the metal tin are two square palettes of colour, a teeny pair of tweezers, and a teeny brush. The kit comes in two choices, fair to medium and medium to dark. I got the medium to dark as although I’m 53, I’m still a natural brunette.

The palette on the left is a wax, which goes on first. Brush it on just as you would your normal powder or pencil. This does not colour the brows, it’s just wax.

Next, the palette on the right. This is the actual powder colour which you brush on over the wax. Again, just do it like you would with your normal powder or pencil. The powder sticks to the wax and holds in place better than powder alone.

The other end of the brush is a spooly, which you then use to gently brush through and you’re done. It’s easy to do and lasts all day, which powder alone doesn’t. One thing worth noting is that I find the medium to dark has a distinct red tone to the rich brown. If asked before I purchased, I would not have welcomed this as I’m used to years of black brows, but I’m so glad now I’ve used it. The rich brown is so much more natural than black, which women of my age must unfortunately be more aware of than you pretty young things.

I love this product, and will most definitely be making it a permanent part of my cosmetic bag.

5 stars.

Semi Permanent Make Up – my experience


Today I did something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time – I got my eyebrows tattooed.  This sounds far more freaky than it looks, and as you can see from the photo above, they look very lifelike.  Nowadays, the tattoo artists are able to produce the most amazing results.  I’m overjoyed, I have good eyebrows for the first time in my life.  No more pencilling, no more powdering, no more dyeing.  Just lick the finger and go..!

After filling in the usual medical forms Sarah, from Lawless Tattoo in Eastleigh,  Hampshire, applied anaesthetic cream.  She then spent quite while drawing the brows with a brow pen, to get the right look and size, and to make sure I was happy with the look.  At all times my own opinions and views were paramount.  After marking the  brows in several places, she wiped off the brow pen and I lay down.  The tattoo procedure itself was not that painful, and she applied anaesthetic cream regularly to keep me comfortable.  Everyone is different and will react to pain differently.  I found the only real discomfort was when she was working on the inner portion of the brows.  Other’s will find that area the least trouble.   Some find it totally without any discomfort.   It was way less painful than when I’ve had normal tattoos done, so if you have had a tattoo, it’s  nowhere near like that.

At all times, she listened to me and what I said I wanted, gave excellent advice and at no time did I ever feel coerced.  I went for a more natural curved outline, rather than the obvious straight edged ones that are so popular now.  I’m 52 and not a glamour model, so a natural look was what I wanted.  There is a follow up appointment in 4 weeks time, when Sarah will fill in anything that needs it, add colour etc and any other  tweaks that are necessary.  They do fade up to 50% after the first part of the procedure, so the follow up is when you can fill in to get the depth of colour you want.

At the moment, she has a June offer running.  £99 for eyebrows, with £45 for the follow up appointment.  She also offers semi permanent eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lip liner and full lip, laser tattoo removal, body piercing, and all the usual tattoos.  Other people offering these brushstroke eyebrow tattoos charge up to £400 and more.  Why pay those prices?

If you live near Eastleigh, contact Sarah at Lawless Tattoo.  Her facebook page is here.

Product Review – No 7 Fanomenal Lash Serum

I’ll admit right away that this was an impulse purchase; I’m prone to them, being as I’m devoid of self esteem, but having got the product home and googled it, I was delighted to find the reviews to be fantastic.


Now this costs quite a bit, over £20 for a very small tube so this is a risk for me as a destitute author but, like most women, I dream of longer and thicker lashes.  The product instructions say to put a thin line of the product along the very roots of the lash, both top and bottom, twice a day.  You can also use it on your brows.  You are supposed to use it for 8 weeks, after which time, use 3 or 4 times per week to maintain the look.  It is supposed to make the lashes, longer, fuller and darker.

Another thing I’ll admit to (fairly proudly actually) is that I’m blessed with very long lashes anyway, but they’re lacking in fullness.  I won’t mind if this product doesn’t make them longer as they’re very long anyway but more fullness and a darker appearance would be most welcome.

I’ve only just bought this today, so I can’t yet give a final review (I’ll do a follow up in 8 weeks).

Putting the stuff on is very easy, just draw a line along the lash lines and over the brows.  It feels just like water when it goes on and didn’t sting my eyes at all.  I also used it on my brows as they are a little sparse on the outer half of each so more fullness there would be welcome too, even though it might mean more plucking.  Some of the reviews mention the tube leaks if you don’t keep it upright, so I’ve pre empted any potential problem here by keeping it upright from the start..

I’ll be back in 8 weeks to give my final thoughts.  Fingers crossed this works.