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On the subject of podcasting

I’ve been a guest on podcast interviews a couple of times and have often wondered whether to have a go myself. I’ve so far decided not to bother, thinking it’s just for ‘professionals’ and not for the likes of li’l ole me. You have to be an expert techie surely?

It seems that wherever you go on the internet nowadays, there’s a podcast. Every subject imaginable, from business entrepreneurs to the local knitting circle, everyone it seems is doing it. So I decided to dip a tentative toe into this deep and scary pool.

So  how do I get my recordings on this page then? Seems the media uploader doesn’t allow mp3 files.

Hmmmmm, see what I mean about needing to be a techie?

EDIT – I’ve found Souncloud and uploaded my mp3 file there. It plays okay over there, so let’s see if I can embed it here.


My first audio interview with The Bookcast

Today, my very first audio interview with Bill Thompson of The Bookcast went live.  The interview was about my book, Floxham Island.  I’ve never done an audio interview before and I was really nervous about it.  I’ve done quite a few written interviews and they’re fine.  You get an email with questions, you write your answers at your leisure and send them back, voila.  With an audio interview you don’t know that the hell you’re going to be asked, it’s all right off the cuff.

I needn’t have worried though, Bill is lovely and put me at ease right away.  He’d very obviously read the book, some of the questions proved that and our conversation was so different from the usual interview questions.  He gave me an opportunity to talk about how I write and why I write the way I do, my thinking behind it and my feelings about it.  I felt it was an interview as much about me as about the book.

Here’s the link to the interview.  Scroll down the page a little and click on the media player.

If you’d like an audio interview with Bill at The Bookcast, click on the ‘contact us’ link at the top of his website and then click ‘request an interview.’