The Vazien Paradox – Sinclair V-Log Q890/M

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Fifth volume in the Sinclair V-Logs series now available.

Life has a way of turning upside down when you’re least expecting it.Expecting a warm reception from his friend and fellow detective, Detective Samelan Sinclair-Vaylo calls him up after depositing his prisoner with the Law Enforcement Agency on Tyrrin 4. He is therefore, deeply troubled to notice signs indicating that his friend has got himself involved in something terrible.

When the involvement of a huge gang network comes to light, Samelan worries that the case might be too much for him to handle alone. After calling for help, his father rushes across the galaxy to his side and together, they embark upon the biggest case of both their careers. Thwarted at every turn, it seems as if invisible eyes are watching their every move and both detectives are horrified to discover why.

Determined to work out the tangled threads of the case, the knowledge of who is behind everything is both shocking and deeply disturbing. Putting their lives in jeopardy, they go undercover in a bid to understand the varied aspects of this worrying case.The emotional burden upon Samelan is made worse when he falls deeply in love for the first time in his life, a love only made possible by finally facing a truth he had been avoiding. As things begin to look positive for the first time in weeks, a desperate gunman brings the case to a standstill.

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