The Sinclair V-logs

Welcome to The Sinclair V-logs

This brand new science fiction space opera series follows the adventures of Sam Sinclair.  As a Freelance Law Enforcer with the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency, Sam’s job is to find and capture a specific target and deliver them to the relevant Law Enforcement Agency personnel.  Many of his jobs are straightforward chase, capture & deliveries but sometimes, events take a strange and sometimes frightening turn.

In his own series of personal video logs, Sam recounts the more memorable of his experiences.

Floxham Island – Sinclair V-log AZ267/M – click here for details

Bygora Vandos – Sinclair V-Log LB734/A – click here for details

The Trials of Nahda – Sinclair V-Log PA884/R – click here for details

Fetish – Sinclair V-Log BY915M – click here for details

The Vazien Paradox – Sinclair V-Log Q890/M – click here for details


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