1438 – The Diary of a Shadow Man

Cover image by Maxim Evdokimov

He knew he was dead the moment it happened.

When Dane Somers finds himself sitting on the wet road beside his own dead body, he knows instantly that his life has ended, his physical life anyway. Not only was he still conscious and aware, despite the undeniable truth that lay bleeding beside him, but there could be no getting back to his life as he’d known it.

Anger consumes him; his life being cut short before he was ready, the speed and finality of his end, the lack of enthusiasm the cops display in finding the three punks who shot him, and his fear of what might happen to him now. Indulging in a tidal wave of emotions, he makes his first mistake; a mistake that casts his wandering spirit along a road of discovery, fear, danger, and growth.

Quickly finding a new friend and mentor, Dane sets out to discover how things work in this new dimension and learns many hard truths as he struggles to find a purpose. As his friends come and go, evil is never far away and as Dane faces his own ultimate end, he discovers the most important truth of all.

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