September 2012

Leon Domenico gave this second interview on 23rd September 2012 shortly before publication of the final book in The Lilean Chronicles Series – Avalanche Effect.

Hello there Mr Domenico, thank you so much for returning to speak with us again.  It’s always a pleasure to meet you.

You’re very welcome my dear, and please, call me Leon.  Mr Domenico sounds so formal and I like to think we’re friends.

You’re here to talk about the fourth and final volume in The Lilean Chronicles series.  What can you tell us about the story?

Ahh yes.  Well obviously I can’t give anything vital away or it would ruin it for readers but I can say that the experiences you will read about in this fourth volume were probably the most painful and harrowing for my son and his wife.

Can you tell us anything about what happens?

Okay, I’ll try.  It starts with my son making a promise to his spirit guide Syra.  He then breaks this promise and embarks upon a journey he was never meant to take and the events that unfold bring about a new path of destiny that was never meant to come into being.  Deaths results and the destinies of several people are changed in a way that was never meant to be.

Deaths?  Does that mean we lose some of the group?

A couple of death do occur yes, but I cannot tell you who they are or it would spoil it for readers.

We meet a new member of the group in this fourth volume, Sam Sinclair.  Who is he and what role does he have within the group dynamic?

Yes we meet Mr Sinclair in this book.  He is a law enforcement man and he accompanies Vincent and Farra on their journey.  The experiences they share on their journey ensures that he becomes a great friend to us all.

The book also talks of faces from the past reappearing.  Who are they?

That’s correct my dear, we do meet 2 faces from Vincent’s past and they both have a central role in the experience.  We also find out something from Vincent’s past that he seldom talks about in any detail.  Something that gives you a real insight into his character.  We also visit somewhere from his past and discover that an experience he had all those years ago is vital in getting this new situation resolved.

Are there any happy experiences in this fourth volume?

Oh yes my dear there is indeed.  You see life is all about balance and for every traumatic experience, there is also a joyful one.  There is much joy in this book, joy, new love and a positive future.  Someone finds love and another turns a page in his life and leaves his dark past behind and becomes a good man who can now go forward and bring positive benefit to those lives he touches.

Vincent has really changed and grown in many ways over the years covered within the series hasn’t he?  Are you pleased with how he’s developed as a man?

Oh my dear I couldn’t be more happy.  His mother and I are so proud of him and to see how far he’s come emotionally in the past ten years fills us with pride at his courage and strength.  Being the Prophesied One is not an easy mantle to carry but he has shouldered the burden with dignity and courage that humbles us all.

Just one last question.  I know this is the final volume in The Lilean Chronicles series, but is that really the end?

Well my dear, this fourth book brings Vincent’s story full circle in a way and we decided that this was the natural place to end the series, although of course it’s not the end of their lives nor their experiences and challenges.  There is a new book coming in the early part of 2013 that tells more of Mr Sinclair’s story, as we all agreed that he has much to tell, given the life he leads and the job he does.  Vincent, Farra and Kyle are spending some time just being at home and enjoying family life while Mr Sinclair takes over the reins for a while.  There are no definite plans for future Lilean Chronicles volumes but you know, never say never as they say.

Thank you so much Leon for coming to talk to us again.

It is always a pleasure my dear.

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