February 2012

Leon Domenico gave this interview in February 2012, shortly before publication of The Sleeping

Hello Mr Domenico, wow you’re the very image of Vincent, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

Hello. Yes family likeness amongst Lileans is always striking. Males always look very like their fathers and the females, like their mothers. It’s one of the idiosyncrasies of our race. Well, I am Leon Domenico. I’m Vincent’s father and I journeyed to the land of the dead 45 years ago, shortly before Vincent’s birth. Before the tragedy befell Lilea I was sector 184 Governor, which means that I was a sort of local dignitary overseeing important matters that affected the whole community where we lived. I officiated at pledgings and weddings, dealt with matters of law and order and that sort of thing. I am also spirit guide to Farra Duncan and it is an honour for me to walk beside a chosen one.

What are your duties as Farra’s guide?

It is my duty to help her towards her destiny, which as a chosen one of the ancient ones, is rather different from that of other people. I am allowed to give her only such information as is necessary for her to move effectively towards her destiny. I am forbidden to reveal the future to her unnecessarily. I help to keep her safe by warning her if there is any impending event that might befall her that does not help her fulfil her duties as a chosen one but sometimes this also means that I have to allow her to suffer somewhat when it is necessary for her destiny to unfold as it should. I am moral support for her whenever she needs me, I am there if ever she is afraid and alone and I am something of a teacher to her at times. I am a confidante and friend all of the time.

Are you happy that she and Vincent are together as a couple?

Oh my word yes. It is a constant source of pleasure to see how much joy she has brought to my son. Before she came along he was suffering terribly both by virtue of circumstances that had befallen him and because of his own inner troubles and conflcts. He is an emotional man and she is a wonderful balance for him. He didn’t know what love was before she came into his life and I admit that I worried for him. He had become very much a loner, mistrustful of people and had gone so much inside of himself that I secretly wondered if his own guide Syra would be able to bring him out and awaken him to her presence. He is a totally different man now since Farra came along and all of the changes to him have been for his benefit.

Do you miss being here, in the physical world?

Yes sometimes I do but I journeyed to the land of the dead when it was my time to do so. No one goes before their time. I would have liked to have been around while Vincent was growing up. To have been able to support and encourage him might have made his early life a little easier but I also know that it would mean he wouldn’t be the person he is now. Everything that happens is the right thing for that moment and looking back on the way he has progressed, I couldn’t wish for anything better for him now. Yes I do miss it sometimes but not so much that it causes me anguish. I still get to meet with Vincent in the hinterland from time to time when Syra allows it and he now has the comfort of knowing I am still around and connected to him.

Do you feel happy that the story of Lilea is being told in The Lilean Chronicles series of books?

Yes I do. It was my idea in the first place. I first brought the idea forward as I thought it would be an excellent way of not only telling our story but of also passing on guidance and help to those that might need it. It is a very enjoyable process and I am a very hands-on sort of person so I tend to be a bit controlling of what gets written, although everyone else has their own input of course. I like to make sure that the spiritual aspects of our story get through accurately and in a manner that makes them easy to understand for the reader.

You said earlier that you’re forbidden to reveal the future, that would imply that you do know the future.

Yes, we do and it can be a burden sometimes when we can see what is to come but we are not allowed to reveal it to those we walk with.

Are you Farra’s guide for her whole life or just while she is fulfilling her special destiny?

I became her guide at the moment her heart first stuttered into life within her mother’s womb and I shall be there to meet her when it is her time to come and join us in the land of the dead. It is a whole of life journey, for her and for me. She did not become aware of my presence until it was determined to be the right moment for me to step forward and awaken her to my presence, but I was there every moment before and will be for every moment still to come. It is the same for all Lilean guides, whether they walk beside chosen ones or otherwise.

We met Doctor Jam earlier. He’s Drycenian and a chosen one. This would indicate that not only Lileans can see you and interact with you.

That is correct. We can if we choose, make our presence known to anyone of any race and there was a time a year ago when some of us had to approach our Drycenian friends for help due to a problem that prevented us from communicating as normal with the ones we walk with. Jam has a Lilean guide and he carries the Lilean Star as a chosen one of the ancient ones.

Are you happy with the way Vincent and Farra have carried out their duties as chosen ones?

Oh my dear. I cannot put into words how proud all of us in the land of the dead are. As his father I am proud simply because he is my son, beside his position as the prophesied one. The strength and courage they have both displayed during the past 3 years is beyond description and so is that of all those who have a part in this story. Everyone of them has had their own mountains to climb and every one of them has triumphed. His mother and I couldn’t be more proud of both of them.

At the moment there are 3 books in the series. Will there be more?

Yes there will be more. There is still much to be told.

Thank you so much Mr Domenico for allowing us to communicate with you and get to know you.

It is always a pleasure my dear, and we will meet again!

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