July 2012

Kyle gave us a second interview in July 2012, shortly before publication of Changing Faces

In this second interview with Kyle Polt, co star of the brand new third volume in The Lilean Chronicles series, we find out a little more about this enigmatic man and his role within the new book.

Hi Kyle, thank you for returning to talk with us. It’s lovely to meet you again.

Hello, it’s great to be back.

The third volume in the series will be out in days, can you give us a brief overview of the plot?

Yes it’s just days away now before everyone can read this new volume and I’m really excited about it. Well, without giving too much away of course, it’s called Changing Faces and the story tells of something that happened to us when we went on a visit to Drycenia, the home world of our best friends, the Drycenians. It was a very distressing time for us all and an experience I never want to repeat and I’m confident everyone else involved would say the same. Drycenia suddenly found itself with a terrible problem and as we landed there for our visit, we quickly became embroiled within it. Events quickly became very troublesome for us in personal ways and we found ourselves not only having to deal with the danger that had come to Drycenia, but also with the most dreadful personal circumstances too.

Can you tell us what the problem was that came to Drycenia?

Well not without giving too much away, sorry. What I can say is that it was easily the last thing anyone would ever have suspected could happen and because of this, it was difficult to find a way to overcome it.

You say you all had personal problems to deal with during this experience. Can you elaborate?

This experience nearly cost us far too much and because of that, the bond we have with the Drycenians was almost damaged beyond repair. Personally, I found that my dual heritage caused me immense anguish during this experience and almost drove me nuts. I never want to experience that level of hurt again, ever. We also had to deal with loss and betrayal of the very worst kind and I can say without doubt it was the most harrowing experience we’ve had.

You obviously came through it though. Did you find the experience helped you grow as a person or did it have the opposite effect?

Oh it was definitely a character building experience. We all learned so much out of it, even the Drycenians came out of it wiser. We can now look back on that time without feeling the anger and hurt and we are able to recognise what it taught us. We’ve all grown so much through that experience.

When Vincent stopped by for a chat last time, he intimated that Doctor Jam made a terrible mistake during this experience. Can you confirm this and maybe elaborate a little?

I can confirm that, yes. He did make a huge error of judgement that shocked us all. Vincent especially was quite angry about it for while but it taught us so much about Jam and in a strange way, it helped bring us closer to him and now, because of that mistake, our bond with him is even stronger than ever. The strength of that man never ceases to amaze me.

Vincent also told us that Jam went to live with you all on Lilea for a while at the end of the experience. Is this true?

Yes he did come and stay with us, for 13 months and it was fantastic having him around all the time. He’s a great guy and he slotted right into Lilean life without a problem. We needed his expertise and because the Drycenians travel all over the galaxy, it was felt that he should come and live with us so that he’d be right there when we needed him. We really missed him when he finally returned to his duties aboard the battle cruiser.

Why the title, Changing Faces?

Ahh well that will become clear as you read the book. It’s a reference to the problem that came to Drycenia.

So what comes after this third volume Kyle? Are there to be any more Lilean Chronicles?

Yes there is a fourth volume to our story, which hopefully should be out sometime soon after Christmas. We’re aiming for January or February 2013.

And can you tease us with any hints about it?

Well, in a way it brings our story full circle. A lot of painful stuff from the past gets raked up for Vincent and Farra and they have all of that to deal with at the same time as something dreadful happens to them on a more personal level. For a time it seems as if the close friendship he and I enjoy is lost and I spend a lot of time worrying about this. There is also a wonderful event for me personally during this fourth volume, something I was beginning to believe might never happen. This fourth volume is about closure and moving forwards.

Thank you so much for coming back and will we see you again?

You’re very welcome and yes, I’d be happy to come back again.

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