February 2012

Kyle Polt gave his first interview in February 2012, shortly before publication of The Sleeping

In this third interview with the stars of The Lilean Chronicles we meet Kyle Polt.

Hi Kyle, we actually haven’t met you in the books yet have we? Can you introduce yourself?

That’s correct. Hi I’m Kyle Polt, I’m 40 years old, I’m from Lilea and I’m Vincent Domenico’s blood brother.

You say you’re Lilean but you look very different to Vincent if you dont mind me saying.

Don’t worry, you’ve noticed my umm, uniqueness? Of course, it’s rather obvious. Yes I’m a bit different to look at than Vincent. That’s because I’m part Drycenian and part Lilean genetically, but I’m Lilean inside and that’s what counts.

So can you describe yourself to us. We’ve met Vincent so we know what Lileans look like. How are you different?

Sure no problem. Well I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall, around 340 pounds or so, I have light brown skin and black hair and I carry the Lilean Star. So far that’s typically Lilean. I don’t have the typical Lilean eyes though, mine are much bigger and bright yellow. Drycenian eyes. I also have the other typically Drycenian thing – a pair of fangs. They’re quite something aren’t they?

They are indeed. Does your dual heritage cause you problems at all?

Not now but it has done in the past. Up until a little while ago I did have a problem with it and never felt like a true Lilean. You see I don’t just have physical attributes from my Drycenian heritage but other stuff too, stuff you can’t see. My personality has differences too. I’ve never had that warrior mentality that other full Lilean men have, I’m a thinker and up until recently I was never that physical. It’s only since I met Vincent and Farra that things have changed for me. Changed for the better.

How have things changed?

Well, you haven’t yet read about me in the books yet. I come along in book 2, which should be out sometime in March 2012 and the events that took place at that time meant that my first encounter with Vincent wasn’t a good one. There was a tense time for both of us and it took a while for us to move through that. He’s very typically Lilean; he’s emotionally open and reacts physically quite quickly to situations while I wasn’t. I kept stuff inside and worried and didn’t show my feelings at all and I wasn’t one for combat or confrontation. Since Vincent and I became friends though all that has changed and with his help and friendship I’ve learned to express myself emotionally and he’s taught me how to use my size and strength to be more physical. It was also during this time that I found out about the Drycenian side of my heritage and was able to learn more about it and it was like I finally found the missing pieces of myself. I felt like a whole person for the first time and now I feel like a different person entirely. I no longer wish that side of myself away. I’m able to embrace it and use it postively.

As you’ve already said, you weren’t around during the events we can read about in the first book in series. When did you first meet Vincent and when do we get to meet you in the books?

Well I was born 5 years after the Lilean tragedy, after the survivors had escaped to Mexalon and my parents and I didn’t repatriate until just a few days after Vincent and Farra returned to Lilea at the end of the events you can read about in the first book. It was about a year after that, when the new problem hit Lilea that I met them. I met Farra first and the desperate situation we’re were in kind of forced us together for a time and I didn’t meet Vincent till about a week after that and as I said, my first meeting with him was not a good one. It was a tense time but we’re both grown men and we quickly worked it out.

You have the Lilean birthmark, the star, so do you also have a spirit guide?

Yes I do. Her name is Laine. I’m what they call a chosen one, like Farra and one of our other friends.

Did you ever think you’d like to go to Drycenia and live there instead of Lilea?

There was a brief time when I contemplated it yes. I was going through a tough time with being of dual heritage and in some ways my Drycenian side conflicted with my Lilean side and I found it hard to cope with for a while and I did wonder whether or not to emigrate there. Things changed very profoundly very soon after that and the events that unfolded, which I believe you won’t get to read about until the third book comes out, were of such a nature that I went totally the other way and for a time I hated Drycenia, it’s people and everything it stands for and I even wanted to change my physical appearence. It was a very hard time for me and I have to admit that I was a bit difficult to live with for a while. After things got sorted out and with Vincent’s love and help, I got through it and found a balance for the first time. It’s like I had to experience both extremes before I could find the balance point and experience peace.

So what does Kyle do to relax? How do you spend your free time?

Well I spar everyday with Vincent. We’ve done that ever since we first met and it keeps us both sharp. He taught me stealth combat, unarmed combat and blade skills when we first met and as I grew stronger and bigger and learned to be more physical, it became a habit for us to spar with each other. We’re big and our strength can do a lot of damage, so we need a sparring partner that can cope with that and give as much back so that the other person gets a proper work out. I also spar with Farra several times a week. Vincent won’t spar with her because he can’t bring himself to be tough enough with her and she complains that he’s being too soft with her. I guess it’s their emotional bond that causes that. So I spar with her and although she doesn’t have our strength, she’s fast and quick and I learn as much from her as I do from Vincent. I’ve learned speed and agility that Lileans don’t naturally display and I’ve been able to pass that on to Vincent, so we all gain. We go out into nature and hike and climb too, which is great. I’ve recently bought myself a hover bike which I’m enjoying, although Vincent and Farra hate it because of what happened to them a year ago. I’ve also found I seem to have a talent for tinkering with things and I have a bit of an inventive streak in me, which comes from my Drycenian side as they are great inventors.

You said Vincent and Farra don’t like your hover bike because of what happened to them. Can you explain that?

Well I can’t really. You’ll read all about it in the second book. It was a bad time for all of us and there was a bad experience with a hover bike and they’ve never quite gotten over it and when they see my on mine, they get scared for me. Memories y’know?

When and how did you become Vincent’s blood brother?

Again, you’ll read all about that in the second book. Because Vincent and Farra are together as a couple, he did some research about Earth beliefs and customs, so he could understand her and know her more. He read about blood brothers and wanted that for us and when he asked me, well I was blown away that he wanted to give me such a gift.

Thank you so much Kyle, it has been a pleasure to meet you and we look forward to reading about you when the next book comes out.

You’re very welcome, my pleasure.

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