February 2012

Farra Duncan gave this interview in February 2012, shortly before publication of The Sleeping

Hi Farra, thank you for agreeing to have a chat with us. It’s great to meet you so could you just introduce yourself first.

Okay well, hi everyone I’m Farra Duncan. I’m 36 years old and I’m originally from Earth.

Tell us about your early life, up to when you first became involved with Vincent.

Well, I was born in Engand and adopted by the Ducans, an American couple. As they were both in the military I grew up amongst that kind of life so it seemed natural for me to join up too. I loved it and thought my life was all mapped out. My dad used to spar with me and practice combat and blade skills with me in the garden of our home. I was a daddy’s girl and when he died I was heartbroken. Then one day I started having these weird dreams of a voice telling me someone needed my help and that I had to go somewhere to help someone with a big task. After a few weeks I began seeing this man when I was sleeping and he would speak to me and tell me that I had to go and help someone. I knew I could trust him and I didn’t hesitate. I just knew it was the right thing to do. So I just left the military and did what he told me.

Who was he?

It turned out his name is Leon Domenico and over time I learned that he was my spirit guide and that he came from a planet called Lilea. He told me that his planet had been the victims of a tragedy and that his son was trying to help his people survive but first I had to help him with something so that he could then fulfil a prophecy.

So he is Vincent’s father?

Yeah. He died during the tragedy on Lilea and the ancient ones said he could be my guide as I was a chosen one and my destiny was to help Vincent.

That’s quite a change to what must’ve seemed like a nice life, weren’t you scared?

Well you’d think so but no I wasn’t at all. When Leon spoke to me I just knew it was right. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew.

You said you first had to help Vincent with something before he could fulfil the prophecy. What was that help you gave him?

Vincent had been sent to prison for some murders. He was innocent and I had to help prove it and get him cleared. I also had to save the life of someone else, a Drycenian Prince and he and his people became our best friends and they help us out a lot and have saved our lives many times.

Vincent is quite a guy isn’t he? Weren’t you smitten right away?

Well yeah I was, even before I met him I knew something was happening. I was allowed to meet him in the hinterland once before we actually met because y’know we didn’t actually meet for quite a while after all this started. Once we did meet up, well we both knew we were destined to be together. It was an instantaneous thing.

Was your first real meeting romantic?

Oh my gosh no it wasn’t. He saved me from a horrible death when we first met. Very unromantic but he’s made up for it many times over since then.

How do you like to relax when you’re not being an action girl?

Well, I spar regularly with our friend Kyle, who is Vincent’s blood brother. Vincent can’t spar with me because he doesn’t like to be tough enough with me. He’s too afraid of hurting me so Kyle spars with me. Lilean guys are huge and their strength is beyond anything you can imagine but I’ve had some physical enhancements done to my body by our friends the Drycenians so although I’m still nowhere near as strong as Vincent and Kyle, I can hold my own. Sparring keeps us sharp and helps us maintain our combat skills. I like to fly our little ship, although Vincent is a good pilot too so we fight over her a bit and have to take it in turns. Our ship has been enhanced quite a bit by some of our friends and she’s great fun to fly. I collect blades too, I’m a blade fanatic. I love to cook when we’re at home and I did all of the interior design in our home too.

Don’t you miss Earth?

Not as such. Both my parents are dead so there’s nothing to hold me there and my home is wherever Vincent is and he is on Lilea, so that’s what I think of as home now and the Lilean people regard me as one of them because I’m a chosen one and carry the Lilean Star.

The Lilean Star, that’s the birthmark Vincent told us about. Have you always had that?

No, it appeared when Leon came to me, when it was time for me to begin my journey towards my destiny.

Lilean men are quite focussed and defiant aren’t they? Do you find yourself having to be peacemaker sometimes?

Sometimes yes. They have a warrior mentality and they can get fixated when a problem appears. They have strong emotions and show them freely, it’s their way. They’re not repressed like Earth people are. That’s one of the ways Vincent and I compliment each other so well. When he starts to boil up I calm him down and when I worry and falter, he keeps me focussed.

Your life seems to have been very serious, don’t you laugh sometimes too?

Wow yes we do. We laugh all the time and play jokes on each other just like any couple do. Since I’ve known Vincent he’s really blossomed and his sense of humour has really opened up. He comes out with these one liners sometimes that have everyone in tears of laughter. I tease him sometimes and he puts up with it graciously.

Have you changed too since all of this began?

Oh yes, very much. I’m now much more aware of how important it is to love people and get along with them. I’m sharper physically than ever before and I’m more at ease now that I have someone to share my life with, a family and a sense of belonging. I’m more emotionally balanced too and I’ve learned to express my emotions more. I learned that Vincent can’t guess what I’m feeling, that’s not the Lilean way. If I don’t show how I’m feeling, then he doesn’t know and can’t act in accordance with those feelings. I’ve learned that repressing emotions and holding things in and being strong just doesn’t work and it confuses the hell out of Vincent. Lileans are open and honest with their emotions and I’ve learned to be the same and I feel more at ease now because of that.

Are you happy for your story to be told through The Lilean Chronicles series of books?

Yeah. I didn’t see much point at first, when all this started for me but now I love it and take a big part in making sure it’s done right. I’m one for getting facts right and insisting on the right information. When things have to be deleted and done over, that’s usually because of me. Vincent just pours out the story by the bucket load in a totally honest way and I’m the one who gets things in the right order and checks the facts. I like that people might not only enjoy our story but also that it might teach them something about themselves or spirituality in general. That’s really cool.

Thank you so much Farra, it’s been a complete pleasure to meet you.

You’re very welcome and thank you for being interested.

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