February 2012

Doctor Jam gave this interview in February 2012, shortly before publication of The Sleeping

Hi there, thank you so much for doing this. Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hello. It’s my pleasure really. My name is Jam, I’m 199 years old and I’m from Drycenia. I’m Chief Medical Officer aboard DBC1, which is His Majesty’s battle cruiser. I’m also his personal physician. I’m also a chosen one of the Lilean spirit people and I was honoured to be given the star mark and a Liliean Guide.

199 wow you’re a long lived race.

Yes we are indeed. Our average lifespan is around 420 years or so.

I was told that we’re very lucky that you’re here talking with us because you don’t normally mix with other races very much. Is that true and if so, why?

That is true, yes. You see, Drycenians are a very advanced race technologically speaking. We have technologies and other advancements that you couldn’t even dream of. We are very aware however, that it is not our place to interfere in the natural evolution of other races by handing over knowledge or technology that they aren’t yet ready for. We’ve found in the past that if we mix freely, people question us endlessly and sometimes use any means to get at our technology and knowledge, thereby proving that they aren’t nearly ready for it. We’ve found that the only way to avoid this is to keep ourselves distant. People see us as secretive, which we have to be. They also see us a rather aloof, which we’re not really. Our whole way of life is like nothing you will have experienced. We long ago left ego and conflict behind us and we’re a peaceful race. We spend our time observing the other planets and races and we keep abreast of everything that is happening and there isn’t really much that we don’t know. But we never interfere unless circumstances dictate that our intervention is necessary to restore the balance of the universe.

So your intervention was obviously necessary when you first encountered Vincent and Farra?

Oh yes indeed. We actually met Farra first, seemingly quite by chance but of course we soon learned that there is no such thing as coincidence and that it was all destiny.

How did you first meet her?

She rescued our King’s heir from the people who had kidnapped him and when he returned to us with her in tow, we learned of her unique journey that she had just embarked upon and we vowed to give her aid in her endeavours for the great service she had given to us by saving our royal line. Through Farra, we then eventually met Vincent and they have both become very dear friends to us all.

You’ve shared quite a few experiences with them haven’t you?

We have indeed and not all of them have been pleasant but they have been necessary for the rebalancing of the universe.

You have a good friendship with Vincent personally don’t you?

Yes I do and it is such a gift. He and I shared a very unique experience, which I believe you will read about in the second book in the series. This experience brought us to a level of closeness that I find impossible to describe. A year later, during events that overtook Drycenia and which you will read about in the third book, I made a terrible decision, the consequences of which could have been dire in the extreme. He was very angry with me but it was our close bond that brought us both through it and with his love and support, I’ve learned to move beyond those personality flaws that caused me to take such a decision in the first place. I couldn’t ever imagine not being his friend.

You say you’re a chosen one. So you have a guide?

Yes I do. His name is Arshad.

What was it that made you a chosen one? What was your special task?

Well you will all read about that in the second book. It was the experience that brought Vincent and I to a level of closeness that I couldn’t have imagined two men could experience. It was a totally unique experience but I can tell you that I really did earn this star! Although I’m 100% Drycenian, carrying the star now makes me feel as though I’m part Lilean and the Lilean people call me part Lilean.

Kyle told us that Drycenians are known for being inventive? Is that true?

Yes, we are very inventive. Give us a problem and we’ll come up with something to overcome it pretty quickly. It’s part of our make up I suppose.

How many different races and planets have you seen and visited?

We have always made it our business to keep an eye on everything that goes on and when a planet first reaches out into space, we make sure that we are the first alien race they meet. We do this so that we can at least try to ensure that the vital first meeting can bear rich fruit later as they become a trustworthy and loving member of the universal family. We can help to encourage good relations between them and their neighbours and this helps avoid war and conflict. We have met and visited just about every inhabited planet in our galaxy because we were the first into space.

So what do you do in your spare time? How do you relax?

I’ve never been one for hobbies as such. Our tours of duty tend to take many years, which means I am officially at work for years at a time. We work and live on board the battle cruiser for years. Since becoming friends with Vincent though I’ve learned to relax and enjoy social get togethers with friends. I also found that I have a talent for cooking and have come to enjoy it very much. I spent 13 months living on Lilea with Vincent and Farra and during that time I learned to enjoy growing plants, especially growing food plants. It’s such a thrill to eat something that you’ve grown and nurtured yourself, and then harvested, prepared and cooked.

You spent 13 months on Lilea, why was that?

Well I can’t tell you that because you’ll be reading about it at the end of the third book in the series. But I can tell you that is was not because of a problem or any trouble. It was a good reason I was there and I enjoyed my stay very much. I really do feel half Lilean now and it was good to have Kyle there. Another pair of Drycenian eyes was a comfort to me during the first few weeks and I think it also gave him a connection with his Drycenian heritage that helped him fill that hole within himself.

Thank you so much Doctor, it’s been a pleasure and an honour to meet you.

You’re most welcome my dear, anytime.

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