Interview with Sergeant Narek Jenn of the Inter-Galactic Military Force

February 17th 2014

I am honoured to have as my guest today, Sergeant Narek Jenn of the Inter-Galactic Military Force.  He is here to tell us all about the time he went AWOL, and to explain a little of how he spent his time away.

Hello Narek, thank you so much for stopping by to talk to us.  Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

Hi there, it’s my pleasure to be here.  Well, my name is Narek Jenn, and I’m a Sergeant in the IGMF, as you already know.  I’m from Vendala 4 and my parents still live there.  I joined the Vendalan Army at fifteen years old and reached the rank of Lashen, which is equivalent to Sergeant, when I decided to enlist in the IGMF.  I’m twenty eight years old and not yet married.  I work on Base 7, Luzel 2 refuelling planet, and I train military recruits in survival and combat.

What is the IGMF?

The Inter-Galactic Military Force was set up and run by the Inter-Galactic Union of Worlds (IGUW), which is all those worlds who signed up to the Inter-Galactic Treaty (IGT).  All of the worlds in the IGUW work together as a single military force, and our job is to maintain peace on those worlds.  All worlds in the IGUW have agreed upon a common language, which everyone learns to speak, and this helps further communication between those worlds.  We all still have our own identity, culture, language and beliefs of course, but the common tongue as we call it, helps us all to bind together as a single united force, to put aside our differences for the good of us all.

Tell us about yourself as a Vendalan.

Okay (smiles and blushes).  Well, Vendalans are one of those races that people instantly recognise, because of our spots.  We have spots down our necks, across our shoulders, down the spine and down the centre of the chest.  We can’t go anywhere incognito (laughs) and people comment about it.   I’m just like any other guy really, apart from my appearance.  I like to laugh, go out with my friends and have a drink, I work hard and pray daily.  I have found that people are basically the same wherever you go.  Appearance is the only thing I’ve found that makes people different from each other.  My appearance generally gets me attention, but it’s usually good attention so I don’t mind.

You have a strong faith?

We do, yes.  We have a strong faith, but we’re not what you might call, strictly religious in the way that some Earth people are.  We have many Gods, but we don’t see them as ruling our physical day to day existence.  We see them as being spiritual advisors first and foremost, and our prayers are, most often, requests for understanding of something, courage to see a difficulty through, things of that nature.  Our Gods don’t rule how we live, what we eat or how we party, they help us with more important things.

And do you like to party?

I do, yes.  Don’t you?

Oh, yes I do too (now I’m blushing).  Now, why did you go AWOL?

Ahh, okay.  Well it was because of a lie someone told.  To cut a long story short, someone I cared about deeply, was lied to.  She then ran away, because of that lie and everyone thought we would never see her again.  That lie was connected to me somehow and I felt compelled to find her and give her the truth.

How was the lie connected to you?

I can’t go into detail, as the book of my story will be out very soon and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.  Someone told her a lie about me, and she believed it.  She ran away and although we knew where she’d gone, getting to her to give her the truth was always going to be very difficult.

So you spent your time away, searching for her?

Yes, sort  of.  She had gone to a place where you cannot simply turn up unannounced and expect to be welcomed.  The people she fled to are extremely secretive about themselves and their culture.  I was away from the military for nearly two years, and of course there was a penalty when I returned.  I spent some time serving my punishment before regaining my position and job.

Who were they?

They are called the Fa’ahlima, and they come from a world surrounded in mystery.  Rumours abound, and most of them aren’t pleasant.  Their appearance is very strange, and this alone makes people nervous about them.  The girl, Risa Parks, who also works at Base 7 with me, ran away with them, and I worried terribly for her, because of all the fireside stories and rumours about these people.

And did you find her?  Did you get the truth to her?

Well, let’s put it this way; you’ll have to read the book (laughs and winks at me and I almost melt.  He’s gorgeous)

Can you tell us the name of the book and when it will be out?

It’s called The Quest for the Ta’ahli, and it should be out during March.

This book teaches us a little about your own language, doesn’t it?

Yes, there is a small amount of Vendalan in there, but not too much, and the translations are right there.

So how do I say thank you in Vendalan?

Swan kiahi.  It means thank you very much.

Swan kiahi Narek.  It has been a pleasure meeting you and we can’t wait to read your story.

Maitiliok li liskanshoway.  Happy to help, and goodbye (smiles. Oh lord that smile)


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