Interview with Jake Elloway with a surprise appearance by Sam Sinclair. 23rd June

I cannot explain how excited and nervous I am to be doing this next interview.  I’ve been hoping to meet this guy for so long that now I’m finally doing it, I’m so nervous I’m sure I’ll forget what to ask him.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the intergalactic movie phenomenon, Jake Elloway.

Hi Jake, I’m so happy to meet you.  Thank you so much for being here, I know you’re a busy guy.

Hi there, I’m delighted to be here.

The story of your time in space has just come out.  That must’ve been a scary experience for you?

Oh yeah it was, very scary at first but y’know, it’s amazing how quickly you adjust in a crisis.  I would never have dreamed of anything like that happening to me, although being a celebrity has its dangers of course, and when something like that happens, you just find something inside yourself to help you cope.  I think your mind takes over and blocks out a lot of the emotion so that you’re operating in auto pilot and this helps you through the worst of the crisis moments.

The people you met on board the space ship weren’t all happy to see you were they?  Was that a surprise?

Not exactly a surprise no.  There will always be a percentage of people who don’t get what I do or don’t like it and that’s okay.  You can’t please everyone.  What did surprise me was the speed at which they were prepared to give me up.  I like to think I’m a nice guy but some of those guys would’ve happily handed me over without a second thought.  It took some time for me to win them over and I only achieved that through showing them that I was capable of being just an ordinary guy and working hard and pulling my weight.  By the time I left several of them had spoken to me and apologised for being off with me when I first came aboard and that touched me.

People expect you to be as tough as the characters your portray in your movies.  Did that cause problems for you?  Or are you as tough as your movie characters? *gives an embarrassed laugh*

Well umm, *laughs* movie work is done under very strictly controlled conditions.  It’s important for actors to be safe otherwise movie companies wouldn’t be prepared to put their money into the projects.  I work out a lot and keep myself fit and healthy but of course I can’t jump and leap around like my characters do.  That stuff is all done on wires.  It did cause a bit of a surprise to the guys I was with when they realised I am just an ordinary guy and can’t do all that stuff and I know I was a bit of a burden to them for much of the time.  Thankfully I was able to step up and take my place in the front line before I lost my self respect completely. *gives a smile that would melt concrete*

You umm, met some ladies aboard the ship didn’t you?

*laughs loudly and blushes* Umm, yeah I did meet some very lovely ladies and was honoured to get to know them and work alongside them. *looks right into my eyes and dares me to push the point further.  I don’t.*

What was it actually like down on Tellizon 4?  How did you cope with all those awful creatures?

I still ask myself that question sometimes, when I think back to it.  It’s one of those situations that’s so out of your sphere of imagination that you just can’t prepare yourself for it.  If I’d known in advance it was going to happen, I’m pretty sure I’d have been a total mess and probably wouldn’t have survived more than a few minutes.    Because it just happened without time to prepare, I just had to get on with it and something just sort of, took over.  Call it instinct or a higher power or whatever but whatever it was, I’m grateful.  So back to you question, what was it like?  Well, it was hot and humid like you wouldn’t believe.  We spent our days sweating and our nights shivering and the creatures were just, well they were umm, they were something else.  I almost got killed so many times by huge things and tiny things, cute looking things and ugly things.  You just can’t trust anything down there.  I have a bit of a fear of bugs anyway and the ones on Tellizon 4 were horrific.  I had nightmares about it for a while and it made me more scared of the bugs back home than I usually was.  It actually began to interfere with my career so my staff arranged for some counselling for me and within a few weeks I had everything back into a healthy perspective again.

You made a few good friends though didn’t you?  Do you keep in touch with them?

Oh yeah those five guys are real special to me.  Nef now works with me as my Personal Martial Arts Trainer and it’s great to have him around.  He’s such a nice guy and seems to know the real me inside without me having to make an effort.  He has this ability to see through the facade that I have to put on most of the time as a celebrity and he’s not phased by my celebrity status as all.  He’s my best buddy and he always knows when something’s bothering me and always manages to get me to talk about it, even when I don’t want to.  I keep in touch with the others regularly and they come and visit when they’re on leave.  I’ve had them all stay with me a few times since I left the ship and Nef and I have been invited to Titch and Rosa’s wedding next year.  And I even got to meet Sam again.

Sam Sinclair?  The law enforcement guy?

Yeah, didn’t you know he was here with me today?

He’s here with you?  Really?

Yeah, *laughs at my incredulity* sure he’s here.  Hey Sam, *turns around and yells at the door, which opens and in bounces Sam Sinclair* come on in here buddy.

Wow, how awesome to have you both here together.  Have you actually met since it all happened?

Jake – yeah we met once about umm, three months or so ago wasn’t it? *looks at Sam who nods* when he visited Earth on a job.

Sam – It’s great to see you again hunny and yeah it was about three months ago.  I can honestly say that I’ve never slept in such a swanky place in my whole life.

Jake – This guy here is a real hero.  Don’t let him brush off his skills and tell you it’s nothing.  He does an awesome job and seldom gets the thanks he deserves.

Sam – Aww shucks.

So what’s next for you both?

Jake – Well I’m off on another space trip soon to make a movie.  This one means six months away from Earth but this time I’m taking my family and key staff with me.  My mother would never forgive me for leaving for six whole months.  Nef is coming too and I’m confident that we won’t have any problems like the last time I was in space.

What’s the movie about?

It’s about a group of soldiers who have a weird experience while helping set up a new military base on a moon somewhere.

And Sam, what are you up to lately?

Well I’m actually here to shop for a new ship.  I lost my old gal a few weeks ago during a particularly difficult job and lost everything.  Luckily I didn’t lose much personal stuff but it’s still a nuisance.  Once I’m mobile and restocked I’m right back to work again.  I’m working on uploading another video log to the galactic web so you’ll get to find out about my time on Deligon 2.  It’s actually interesting Jake because in that job, I lost my best buddy and he was a Damiklonian too.

Jake – He was?

Sam – Yeah and it’s right what you said about Nef being able to read y0u.  My buddy Ren was the same.  When Nef and the guys and I were camped on the other side of the lake, the night before we rescued you, I got talking to Nef and mentioned my buddy Ren.  I don’t think I’ll ever have a friendship that close again.  Anyway, that’s why I’m here.  Apart from meeting you guys again of course, and that’s always a pleasure. *gives that same very engaging smile as before.*

Well good luck with the movie Jake, or should I say break a leg?

Thank you very much.

And good luck with your ship hunting Sam and I look forward to your next story.

Thank you, I’m sure I’ll find the right one soon.

Thank you so much, both of you.  It’s been the most exciting time meeting you both.

Jake – Thank you for inviting me, it’s been a pleasure. *he then looks me up and down and winks and I almost faint.”

Sam – It’s a pleasure, thank you.  I’ll invite myself back when my next story comes out.

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