All up to date at last

I’ve finally got the website fully up to date and I’m sitting back and feeling very virtuous.

So, now The Sanctification Molecule is done, what’s next on the agenda? I have the fifth volume of The Sinclair V-Logs finished to first draft and a standalone paranormal novel half written. See, I haven’t wasted the time I spent getting this illness under control.

My next priority is getting the paranormal novel, 1438, finished to first draft. Once that is completed, I’ll set about editing the new Sinclair V-Log and getting that out. Then I’ll start writing another standalone that I have a basic story arc prepared for. Once that’s done, or when the creativity dries up as it did twice with 1438, I’ll get on with editing 1438.

That’s my normal process. I have one at first draft waiting for editing, one being written, and a story arc ready for a third.


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