On the subject of podcasting

I’ve been a guest on podcast interviews a couple of times and have often wondered whether to have a go myself. I’ve so far decided not to bother, thinking it’s just for ‘professionals’ and not for the likes of li’l ole me. You have to be an expert techie surely?

It seems that wherever you go on the internet nowadays, there’s a podcast. Every subject imaginable, from business entrepreneurs to the local knitting circle, everyone it seems is doing it. So I decided to dip a tentative toe into this deep and scary pool.

So  how do I get my recordings on this page then? Seems the media uploader doesn’t allow mp3 files.

Hmmmmm, see what I mean about needing to be a techie?

EDIT – I’ve found Souncloud and uploaded my mp3 file there. It plays okay over there, so let’s see if I can embed it here.



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