Mourning the loss of honesty



It seems that every day I have reason to be a little more dismayed at how rare a thing honesty is. Everyone is out to screw you somehow, to part you from your money without thought to the quality of what they’re offering in return. Be it goods or services, quality is at an all time low today and I am constantly amazed at the generally shoddy quality of everything offered to me by individuals and large conglomerates alike.

Am I the only one left alive who still strives for excellence? Am I the only perfectionist left on planet Earth? Not that anything I create or do is perfect, but I STRIVE for it, I genuinely want it for everything I ‘put out there.’ Everyone else it seems, is either just too lazy to bother doing something well, not good enough at what they’re doing to do it well, or they knowingly don’t give a shit and actively try to get away with the worst possible quality for the highest possible price.

Today’s consumers are not entirely blameless either. They routinely accept shoddy workmanship and are happy to receive bad quality goods or services. Everyone is creating some crap for sale these days and it’s all badly made and over priced. I’ve seen some horrific shit for sale on Facebook, shit I’d be embarrassed to offer for sale. Companies big and small are expecting more from their customers and yet provide less and less themselves. No one seems to take a pride in producing quality goods and offering quality services anymore. We’re dumbing down in all areas of life and I for one do not approve.

I want a tattoo. I want a small design with some writing encircling it. Simple you may say. Yes, but they can’t do it unless I produce a photograph of the design I want for them. I’m not a qualified graphic designer with access to Adobe Photoshop software and I don’t know anyone who is/does. Not only must I produce the full design for them but they still expect me to pay them for doing it? What the actual fuck?

Twenty years ago, ten years ago, this would have not happened. The human race is no longer evolving. It’s going backwards and will soon be climbing right back up into the trees again.


  1. What you said is so true, Merita. I get disheartened by what’s going on in our world, by how lazy people are, and by how technology is surpassing humanity. Nowadays, it’s rare to find someone who takes pride in their work and who is reliable and honest for that matter. You go and buy a piece of furniture, and it’s crap. You go and schedule to get something fixed in your house, and the plumber fails to show up at his scheduled time and doesn’t have the courtesy to call. When he finally does show up, he either does a piss poor job, or charges you $80.00 an hour, and a good portion of that time was him bullshitting on his fucking cell phone. Yeah, I had that happen to be a couple months ago. It pissed me off. It still pisses me off. Can you tell? LOL. But that’s how it is now. I just hope I die before I get old, because if things continue going the way they are, we might as well grease our assholes, bend over, and say, “Keep fucking me.” Just sayin’

    1. I so agree, and I’ve experienced the very same thing many times over. What can we do though? If we complain we get blacklisted and get even shittier service. It pisses me off no end.

  2. So true! I read books written years ago and can see the difference from what is written today. Nothing is made to last, yet, we pay top dollar, or pound, for the damn thing!! UGH Makes me wonder where we go from here. 🙂

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