There is too much choice online, but it’s all so useful

Y’know, the internet isn’t going to go away.  It’s going to get bigger, and soon there won’t be anyone alive who has known life without it.  That’s a scary thought isn’t it?  To think that within a few years, no one will remember not having the internet around is, well it’s wild.

When I think back to before I climbed aboard the web, life seemed so slow back then.  There was tv of course, to while away the hours, reading books was something I did a lot of, and walking was a regular feature, but I spent hours just pacing around the house screaming “I’m bored.”  Not now though.  Now I complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day with which to make more use of the internet.  Last night I was up until 2am fiddling with my website and updating bits and bobs here and there across my various little internet watering holes.  A few years ago, nothing short of a fantastic sci fi movie would have kept me up that late.

As a writer, a brand with a product to market, the internet is a tool with which I could possibly enhance my standard of living, so I’ve had to take it more seriously, and I’ve found that it’s a lot of damn hard work.  Luckily, there’s a shed load of free stuff floating around that I can take advantage of in my quest for literary domination, and every day I come across more.  Great, more free shit that’s going to fill more of my time.

Seriously though, there are loads of places online where, as a broke author, I can enhance my brand’s online presence, and I plan to take advantage as much as I can.  From free blog hosting sites, free promo sites, and all manner of free tools to enhance your product’s presentation online, it’s a regular Alladin’s cave.

With this in mind, I plan to make a new page here, for online resources geared for the writer who wants to promo/market their books.  This will be a constantly evolving project, so it might be a little thin on content for a while.  Be patient, and visit regularly, you may find something useful.


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