I’ve decided to add a new regular section here, which I am going to title, Shit Pile Award.  This is an award that I will give to something that is so dreadfully, terribly, mind numbingly bad, that it really shouldn’t be allowed to exist.  This might be anything from a movie, a song, a book, an internet service, a brand, or a person, literally anything at all.  If it exists, then it’s worthy of consideration for the Shit Pile Award. feces-154137_640

Todays Shit Pile award goes to (drum roll please) – Feed 140 internet Twitter Drip Feed App

The idea behind this shit pile is brilliant.  You get together a shed load of tweets into a playlist, which you store on the Feed 140 site.  With a few clicks, it then supposedly drip feeds your playlist, tweet by tweet, to your twitter account.  You don’t have to type in individual time slots for each tweet like with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you simply tell it how many tweets you want it to send, per day.  You then go away and forget it.

Wonderful, except it doesn’t work – not ever.

I’ve tried changing my browser, deleting cookies, deleting playlists and re-uploading, changing settings, you name it I’ve tried it and nothing, repeat nothing, can get this thing to work.  So many people have reported the same problems with it, it’s not just me.

And, get this hunny bunnies, there is a pro version they want you to pay for..!  What?  Yeah really.  Rolling on floor laughing my ass off.

When will those morons who run the site work out that in order for us to want to give them our money, we have to have a product that actually works?  The answer unfortunately seems to be, never.

Believe me folks, stick with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  They are laborious to use, the tweets have to be scheduled individually and you can’t set it up to keep churning out your playlist over and over again, but they actually work.  Your tweets will actually reach your twitter account, and that is what is most important.

Stay away from Feed 140.  Not only does it never work, but you needn’t bother putting in a support ticket either, they never get answered.  They are a bunch of frauds, pretending to have a product that revolutionises your twitter, but they push you to sign up for the pro version, which doesn’t work either.

Feed 140, you bunch of twats.  I give you the Shit Pile Award.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your syphillitic crotches, and may your arms be too short to scratch, assholes.


  1. It’s can be a tough slog making software but we will have kept on slogging. Yet, we are still in Beta, which means we still are not mature enough to call Feed140 ready for prime time.

    Lot’s of things happen as a software matures through it’s beta phase including, unfortunately, very frustrated users at times.

    We now have full-time support staff, a new development team, and some great new features. Come back and give us a try again, we’d love to climb out of your shit pile Merita. 🙂

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