On the impossibility of finding free ad space for non-amazon books.



Today, I decided to try to find some free ad sites for the book I have on perma freebie at Smashwords and all it’s distribution destinations, (B & N, iTunes, Sony etc).  I found a page full of information about sites offering free advertising for free books, but every single one of them refuses to list books that are not at Amazon.

Now, all my books are listed at Amazon, but the site won’t allow me to list them as free.  I think it’s racist, because I’m from the UK and Amazon won’t allow non-usa books to be listed as free.  This sucks but there’s nothing I can do about it, c***s..!

Why this total lack of interest in all of the other millions of free books out there that just happen to be free at sites other than Asshole-azon?  This is a niche that needs filling, and quick.

Another thing that bothers me, is that most of the sites also demand that your book has a certain number of reviews.  The lowest demanded was 4, the highest, 20.  Readers just don’t leave reviews anymore, and most indie authors (and some trads) are paying for reviews, either directly or by issuing bribes such as giving away Asshole-azon vouchers, kindles and even tacky  home spun jewellery made out of old coke cans and spit.  No one but indie authors takes any notice of reviews anymore, poor dears.

It’s a good job I didn’t start writing because I wanted to make money or get famous, us real genuine writers write because we have to write, not for any egotistical reasons.

There really needs to be a few sites willing to list books other than Asshole-azon books.  There must be some folks out there with the technical know how to do  it.  Even if they charge a couple of dollars to list Smashwords books that don’t have reviews, many of us real writers would be willing to pay a nominal charge.



  1. I know exactly what you mean, Merita–well, except for the living in the UK part :P. That does suck that you are limited by where you live and at a loss. I recently started a publicity site with this kind of thing in mind–people can list their books on one of my pages (the Book Outpost) for free anywhere with/without a coupon code–webiste, Smashwords, iTunes–it doesn’t matter. The sidebar ads are paid though at $15 a month or at a 3 month bundle at $40–I wasn’t sure how ‘nominal’ you were looking at. No review limits–books stand on their own merit. You can send people wherever your book is free with a link to the page, or with a limited-time deal. If you use a code on the ad I can put it on the caption. It’s a new site though, and I am working on getting the word out. If you want to check it out it’s at http://www.soaringeaglepublicity.com. I’ll probably start tweeting it before long.

    The free listings can be accessed via the Free Listings page under promo services tab, on the book outpost page itself, or on the sidebar. Just fill out the doc and your book will appear on the spreadsheet list(s)–there is a place for coupon codes. I have Freebies, Red Hot Deals (limited time offers) or bargains (99c to $4.99) As freebies and deals end, they are deleted–I keep them sorted and updated to make things easier for visitors. A permafree would stay there. I have been able to host a couple UK authors 🙂 I have other options as well, but to keep it simple I’ll just leave it at that.

    When I built the site I had this stuff in mind. I was tired of all the emphasis on Amazon and people getting left out (including myself since I use an ebook distributor). Not all ratings and reviews are on Amazon either. Amazon is important and can’t be ignored, but it’s just one retailer. I feel that a book sold is a book sold even if it’s from my tote bag or on Amazon.

    There is plenty of room on the Book Outpost. So again you have both free and paid options. Feel free to pass it on. Maybe I can help fill the void! Of course UK authors are welcome!

    I know of another site with free listings without review limits, but unfortunately they prefer Amazon.

    1. That’s wonderful Amanda, I will definitely check it out and send you the details. Thank you, I’ll also be happy to help get the word out about it, we need more Amazon alternatives.

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