The campfire is lit

Woohoo, Camp Nano has begun and all the happy little campers are busy tootling away on their keyboards creating their next masterpiece.  Me included.  I’ve begun a novel that I’m so far calling, my quest story.  It does have a proper title but I’m a bit funny about not revealing stuff like titles or cover art until the book is published.  I once had a cover art idea stolen so I keep things pretty close to my bosom now.

This novel is still, essentially, a space opera but it is also a love story.  Yeah yeah, I know all those sci fi men will be groaning about ‘those damn women in sci fi’ and all I can say to them is “fuck you.”  Love happens in spaceships and on other worlds and it’s going to happen in my book.  So there.  Stick that in your FTL drive and blow it.

This story is something of a classic storyline.  Girl loves boy secretly.  Boy loves girl equally secretly.  Other girl is jealous and pretends boy loves her, not so secretly. Girl believes other girl and runs away.  Boy returns and finds girl gone. Boy goes after girl.  Boy has lots of adventures on the way, nearly dies and all sorts of other sci fi shit.  You know the one.

Now, aside from that classic storyline, it will be a futuristic space opera with spaceships, gadgets and gizmos, creatures and aliens.  In fact Boy is an alien (not from Earth) whereas girl is genetically from Earth, although she’s never been there (lucky cow.)  There won’t be any sex in this one; it’s a love story not porn.

There is also a strong thread running through the storyline about war and peace and the internal political strife that causes a world to wage war upon itself, neighbour against neighbour and this is interwoven through the love story and both will reach their climax together.

I’m glad to be starting a new novel; it seems like ages since I’ve written one.  It’s all new and exciting and we (me and my characters) have the whole adventure stretching out ahead of us to do with as we want.  I’m getting to know my gorgeous hero and he seems like a really nice guy.  The first day of Camp Nano is done and I managed a none too shabby 4334 and finished chapter 1.

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