Delusions and Dreams by Maria Savva

Today I have the pleasure of handing over the reins of this blog to a new guest, Maria Savva, author of Delusions and Dreams.

Hi Maria and welcome to my blog.  Over to you.



About my novels

Delusion and Dreams is my fourth collection of short stories. I have also published five novels.

In this blog post I will introduce my novels. I’ll be introducing the short story collections in a later stop on the tour.

The Novels:


Written in 1997 and first published in 2001, Coincidences was my first novel. In 2012, I published a second edition of the book to make it more widely available in e-book and paperback because the original was only ever published in hardback and that is out of print.

Coincidences is the story of Alice, a young girl who decides she wants to look for her father. He left the family home when Alice was not even 2 years old, and she has no memories of him. Her mother is very secretive about their relationship and reluctant to help Alice find him. In the course of looking for her father, Alice discovers some well-kept secrets. It’s a mystery and a drama. It explores a mother/daughter relationship, and follows Alice in her search for the truth.

A Time To Tell

A Time to Tell is a family saga. It was written between about 1998 – 2000 and published in 2006. It’s Cara’s story, and also the parallel story of her granddaughter, Penelope. It’s themes include domestic violence, love, family relationships, secrets, and how history can sometimes repeat itself.

Second Chances

My third novel is about how there are always two sides to every story. James and Pamela are facing a rocky time in their marriage. This book explores each of the characters and how they are feeling. Ultimately, it is also about how secrets and miscommunication can affect a relationship. Second Chances includes a solicitor as one of the main characters, and many of James’s experiences reflect my own, inspired by my years working as a solicitor.

The Dream

A paranormal fantasy novel. Paranormal in the ghostly sense, and in the sense that things are not all they seem. You won’t find werewolves or vampires here — sorry to disappoint.
In this story, Lynne is forewarned in a dream not to marry her fiancé. She then finds out why. There is time travel, fantasy, romance, and mystery in this novel.


A psychological suspense/thriller.
This is a dark fiction novel. Very dark. I’ve been told by many of my readers that the story remains in their mind long after they’ve read it and haunts them! One of my readers said that it had the same effect on her as ‘Salem’s Lot’ by Stephen King — i.e. it gave her nightmares — but she loved it!
It’s Nigel’s story; a man consumed by guilt over an incident that happened in a moment of anger. There is a paranormal twist.


Twelve stories of betrayal, greed, revenge, deception, dreams, and courage.

We all struggle to find our way. What you see isn’t necessarily all there is. This collection takes you into the grey area, because the world is never just black and white.

Life is all about perspective. One person’s delusion is another person’s dream.

Includes five bonus stories.

Maria Savva lives and works in London. She studied Law at Middlesex University and The College of Law. She is a lawyer, although not currently practising law. She writes novels and short stories in different genres, including drama, psychological thriller, and family saga. Many of her books and stories are inspired by her years working as a lawyer, although she has not written a courtroom drama to date. Her most recent novel is Haunted, a crime fiction/psychological thriller.

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To purchase Delusions and Dreams use Amazon usa or Amazon uk

Maria is also running a Rafflecopter giveaway with prizes of  a signed paperback and an e-book copy of Delusion and Dreams, also e-books from Darcia Helle, J. Michael Radcliffe, and Helle Gade. There are 5 prizes, so there’ll be 5 winners.


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