Stuffing my face while writing

I’m doing another short horror story for my planned anthology today, and to help keep the grey matter pumping, I’ve got a special treat by my side.



These are delicious.  Yes I know they’re pure sugar and useless calories but I’m writing and brain cells use calories too y’know.


  1. I like your style. Good to have food for thought while thinking.

    I’ve been eating some honeycomb pieces – does wonders for the mind!

    I always wonder if the food I’ve eaten affects what I write. If I hadn’t eaten that snack, would this line be there on the screen?

    Congrats on the NaNoWriMo win – I’ve seen that all over the place, what does it stand for?

    1. Hi there and welcome. I love honeycomb and over here we have a choccy covered one called Crunchy. it’s one of my favourite naughty treats and definitely brain food.

      NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. it’s held every November and if you join up, you pledge to write a novel in one month. The minimum win level is 50 thousand words in that month. My next novel that I’m publishing next month is my Nov 2012 NaNo novel. I wrote it (75k words) in 20 days.

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