To blog or not to blog?

I made a decision recently to blog more often.   The reason was the lack of visits and comments which had almost made me give up the blog.  Up until then, I’d blog when I had something definite in mind to blog about but then I noticed that many others blog far more frequently than I do, sometimes several a day.  So I decided I would make an effort to blog every day, which may mean you’ll sometimes get little more than rubbish but hey, it’s worth a try.

Is it simply a matter of quantity over quality that gets readers and comments?  It’s not for lack of followers as I  have around a hundred (approx) so maybe it’s just that I get lost amongst the others who spam the feed with multiple daily posts.  Social networking, if blogging can really be labelled as such, is a rather unpredictable thing.  There doesn’t appear to be any hard and fast rules to rise up the ladder and get yourself noticed.  It’s all a bit hit and miss.

There’s a lot talked about SEO, which as far as I can gather, is a way of manipulating the way your blog appears when people do google searches so that your blog is higher up the list.  I know zip about such things as SEO so I won’t be fiddling with that side of things, although I do take care to do the ‘tag’ thing before posting.  And I have categories, which I also gather are important.  Sometimes I wonder if my blog is visible at all and I’ve thought maybe there’s a button I haven’t clicked yet and no one is seeing my shit at all.  That would be so me..!

Writing is what I do.  It’s my thing.  I find it easier to write a 100,000 word novel than to speak to a group of people face to face for five minutes.  Funny then, that I should so often be stuck for an idea to blog about.

On a brighter note, I got $25 today from Smashwords for 1st quarter royalties, which is delightful.  I also did another short story for my planned horror anthology which will be released later this year. My Saturday hasn’t been a total washout then.

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