Twitter & Maurits Escher – Why they are related

It occurred to me that twitter is like one of those Maurits Escher paintings.



Everyone is so busy trying to sell their own shit that they can’t see anyone else is using the site.  They’re so blinkered into thinking they have to shout louder and more often than anyone else that no one actually sees or notices anyone else’s tweets.  Everyone is shouting and no one replies.  Just like in the Maurits Escher picture, everyone is in t heir own version of reality and totally unaware of anyone else on theirs and never the twain shall meet.

If people would just shut the fuck up and read a few tweets, reply to some now and again and even, heaven forbid, get a conversation going, people might start actually interacting.  Then you can start talking about your shit and listening to them talking about theirs and you might just both get a sale.

Everyone should meet on one staircase instead of running up and down their own.


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