A New Take on Zombies

I watched the second episode of In The Flesh last night on BBC3.  There was nothing else on and even though zombies have never been of interest to me, I watched it.  I was pleasantly surprised too.

This show is a totally new take on the zombie theme and one that’s very relevant and plausible (sort of).  It centres around a boy who is a zombie, although they are known as Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers.  After what they often refer to as The Rising, which apparently happened years before, all PDS sufferers have been medicated and rehabilitated so they are  no longer raving, brain eating savages.

The plot is all about how PDS sufferers are accepted once they go back to their own communities and their experiences with those around them.  It’s a 3 part series, the final part being next Sunday evening.  I’m hoping they either all revert back to proper zombies and kill everyone, or they take over society so that ‘normal’ humans become the victimised minority.  We’ll see.

It’s worth a watch and it’s on BBC iplayer on catch up.

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