Project Nano Complete.

I am delighted to announce that my very first Nano project has just been completed.

Just a few minutes ago I typed those immortal words ‘the end’ and a huge smile of contentment spread across my ugly mug.

At 75,524 words in twenty days, I feel proud of myself and look forward to seeing Acts Of Life in print in summer of 2013.


  1. This is my first nano too and isn’t it brilliant. Now I can’t wait until the 25th. And i am absolutely sure your mug is not ugly, i have never seen an ugly mug yet.. c

      1. I think having a deadline was great, especially for me, I do well under pressure, of course now we must edit, you will be better at this than me but I should apply a deadline for that also.. or at least a number of pages per day.. something like that.. lovely to meet you.. celi

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