Preparation for NaNoWriMo 2012

We’re now just 2 weeks from NaNoWriMo 2012 and I must say I’m excited for it to begin.  I’m looking forward to getting started and getting my new novel down and I fully intend to not only win NaNo but win with style.  That 50k will be reached and surpassed before the end of the third week in.  That is my goal and my aim and I’ll keep updated my progress here.

My NaNo project is titled Acts of Life and centres around a character called Jake Elloway.  Jake is a very famous and well loved actor from Earth who is offered a role that is a little different to the roles he normally plays.  Always glad of the opportunity to show how versatile an actor he is, he accepts the part and takes a job aboard an inter galactic freight liner in order to research his intended character’s job and lifestyle.

Of course things don’t go entirely to plan and with Jake being a narcissistic megalomaniac, life with his new companions isn’t as easy as it could be.  When they are forced into an emergency landing on an uninhabited planet, they must also be aware of the ever present dangers that lurk in the shadows.  Not only must the crew fight to survive, but Jake is forced to face his real self and deal with his personality flaws.

Will the crew survive the terrors that wait for them on the planet Tellizon..?  Will Jake leave his selfish megalomania behind and become an asset to the crew?

Keep watching to find out..!


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