One month to go – and other news

We have just one month until NaNoWriMo 2012.  One month until everything comes to a grinding halt so that we can focus entirely on our creation.  I can bash out anything up to 5 thousand words a day but simply knowing that NaNo is approaching makes that daily 1700 seem like an awful lot of words.

I now know what I’m going to be writing; it has a working title and a basic plot outline.  It’s an idea I  had for a novel some months back and jotted down for future development.  I feel comfortable knowing that this is the work I’m going to be doing.  I was beginning to wonder that I wouldn’t make my daily total with what I had planned to do.

It’s going to be great fun and good discipline and at the end of the day I’ll get a shed load of work produced so even if I don’t make the 50 k, nothing will be wasted.

Onto other news.

My current work in progress is nearing completion and will be approximately 50 k words.  It’s written in first person POV which I’ve found hard but enjoyable.  It has made it hard for me to make the story as long as my other novels though, so I may write a second story with the same character and published them both in a collection in a similar way that Stephen King did with 4 Past Midnight.

With 50 k words apiece, 2 or even 3 published as a collection might be a good idea, rather than as separate novellas.  Not sure yet; still musing on this.

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