New stuff & a rant too


Okay it’s not 10am yet on a Sunday morning.  I’ve been up just an hour and already I’m pissed off.  This is not what I want on a Sunday morning.  This kind of angst is not what I can deal with until at least 4pm.

Over on facebook, someone posted about a page where authors can put links to their e-books as a bit of free exposure.  So muggins here strolls on over there, puts up the link and a snatchy line or two about the book’s plot, strolls on back and gets on with other shit.  What happens?  Zip, that’s what happens.  My link gets ignored and no promo post appears.  So this morning I stride over there once again, put up the link and a paragraph about the book’s plot this time.  I then put the link again in the comments.  Then I stomp back here and now I’m waiting and fuming.

There are loads of things that really piss me off about the book crowd and one of them is the way some of them pretend they’re offering you a helping hand, when in fact they’re not.  They just want to the kudos of people thinking they’re helpful.

Another thing that is guaranteed to make me lose my rag is the way booky folk seem to think that Amazon is the only place that deals with books.  Promo sites ask for “relevant Amazon links” but never ask for “relevant online sales links”.  I don’t sell through Amazon for 2 reasons.  No, make that 3 actually.  Firstly, I hate their dirty tricks campaign against all other online book retailers and authors.  Secondly, in order to publish my paperbacks through their Createspace thing, I would need an American tax code.  HELLOOOOOOOOOO, I’m English you moron, what the f**k would I be doing with a USA tax code?  Thirdly, if I publish my books through their KDP thing, I have to charge at least $1.15 for them.  They refuse to allow me to give them away free.  This wouldn’t be so bad if there were no free kindle books available on Amazon, but there are thousands.  So why can’t mine be free too?  Just because I publish my paperbacks through and my e-books through I’m punished and made to feel like a social pariah.


Take a deep breath…….okay so onto something I’m proud of.

I’m in the process of creating a new section here.  It’s called the Intergalactic Guidebook (you can see it in the menu at the top) and when it’s finished it will be a complete guide to all the worlds and peoples within The Lilean Chronicles series and all the books that will follow the series.

The first section – A Guide to Lilea is up now and further sections will be added as they are completed.  This will be quite a mammoth task; world building is not a quick process.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and my universe won’t be either but it will be a comprehensive guide to the universe all of my characters inhabit.

Go take a look, I hope you like it.  Press here for instant beam transfer to the Intergalactic Guidebook.

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