An early inspiration

A chance posting by someone on facebook not long ago led me to youtube. She posted a video of Joan Baez singing a song and I went to search for others of her singing. Whilst I was searching I remembered she sang the theme song to a movie I adored as a young girl and within minutes I was transported back to those days when I first discovered my love for science fiction. Ahh those heady days of space travel and allegorical tales of man’s misuse of Earth’s resources and the interplay between man and his robot companions as he finds himself the only one on board fighting to do what he knows is right.

That movie is called Silent Running and starred Bruce Dern. The story told of the last remaining forests sent up into space in domes on spaceships, looked after by teams of guys in the hope that one day they could bring them back and refoliate the Earth. A decision is taken to blow up the domes, due to the expense of keeping them up there and Dern’s character decides this is the wrong decision and through a series of events, saves one last dome by blasting it into deep space before blowing up his ship and killing himself.

I loved this movie when I was young and watched my mother’s VHS video of it over and over again. I used my imagination to take myself into the story as Dern’s side kick pal helping him tend the domes and save the last of them. This was a defining moment in my life as a writer as it was this movie that first made me fall in love with the genre. Ever since then, science fiction and especially space opera are what push my love buttons.

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