Writing as a vehicle for higher wisdom

The Lilean Chronicles may seem like just another science fiction series, with the usual hunky hero and gorgeous heroine racing around the galaxy, fighting evil aliens and just surviving and getting out of danger in the nick of time. It is all of those things of course, but it is so much more besides. It is a vehicle for much spiritual wisdom that has been passed to me by the universal consciousness, spirit guides, creator, call it what you feel comfortable with. This higher consciousness decided that the best way to get this wisdom across would be within a vehicle that people find comfortable and easy to absorb. To run this important spiritual thread throughout an exciting science fiction story would, they decided, help the reader to absorb the ideas and wisdom naturally and easily. This would then encourage thinking at a greater depth, that might help to expand horizons a little, which might then enhance their path through their own lives.

It seems to be working too, as the feedback I’m getting from readers suggests that it’s the spiritual aspect of the stories that stay with readers, touch them somewhere inside and make them think. One man who confessed to always having hated science fiction, told me that after he read the first in the series, the spiritual aspects resonated with him so deeply that he was looking forward to reading the next in the series. For me that is the most awesome validation that the trust I have with my higher guidance is not misplaced and that what we’re doing together is the right thing.

So what are these spiritual wisdoms? Well it’s simple really; the universe is a complete being and it knows best how to regulate itself and keep itself in the right balance, but it can only achieve that balance if we stop interfering and let it get on with it. That love in its pure, unconditional form is the most powerful energy in creation. That thoughts are a living energy that once created, go out and reach their destination and have an effect. That we are all connected, with each other and with those that have gone before and those that will come after us. That we each have a destiny towards which we are moving and which cannot be avoided. That sometimes our greatest learning comes from the greatest suffering and that the gifts that such suffering bestows upon us, are the greatest the universal consciousness can give.

The Lilean Chronicles touches upon many subjects that we all face in our lives; loss, despair, betrayal, fear, death, suicide, murder, love, commitment, strength of character, choices and many others. By seeing how the characters deal with these issues and understanding the spiritual wisdom behind them, there is the opportunity to make these things easier to deal with when we face them in our own lives.

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