Writers Block – what is it..?

I see a lot of posts from authors about writers block. Some of these posts are funny but some are anguished screams of despair from writers who don’t know why they can’t write. I have to admit here to never experiencing writers block; it’s just something I never suffer from and I often wonder what it feels like and why people get it or even if they really do get it or whether it’s just a state of mind they get stuck in.

It must be horrible to just not be able to write anything at all no matter how hard you try. I can’t imagine anything worse to be honest but is it actually something tangible that one can suffer from? Can we ‘catch it’ like the flu and if so what is the cure? Is there a cure? Or is it just a state of mind where the writer just believes he/she can’t write and so doesn’t trust his/her own creative flow?

For me, writing is an intuitive thing. I sit down and just begin to write and within a few sentences I feel ‘something’ beside me and it just flows. Call it my muse, my characters, a spirit inspirer from beyond, I don’t know but there is definitely something that steps close when I begin to write and the words come from outside of me and flow through me and onto the page. I can actually feel it happening this way and I know the words aren’t mine; they don’t originate from within me but flow through me from somewhere else. I believe that so long as I know it happens this way and so long as I trust the process, it will continue.

Perhaps that’s the problem with folks who claim to encounter writers block. Perhaps because they believe the creativity originates from themselves exclusively; when they have a problem or stress in their lives they can’t access that place inside anymore. Perhaps if they begin to embrace the concept of the creativity coming from somewhere outside of themselves and simply flowing through them, they would be able to move away from this concept of writers block.


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