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Merita King has loved the science fiction and fantasy genre in both books and movies since she was a young child.  She has been greatly inspired by years of watching movies and reading books and has wanted to make a contribution to this genre for many years.  Her stories all contain a strong spiritual thread  as she believes that spirituality is universal and crosses all boundaries.  She believes that the creative process is largely intuitive and can be very effectively blocked by too much pre-planning.  “Plot lines, characters and events all come to me intuitively,” she says, “and this makes the act of writing a constant pleasure.”  She lives alone in Hampshire, UK.


Books by Merita King

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The Lilean Chronicles: Book One ~ Redemption

A single baby, born to save a world.

Two ancient prophecies, both foretelling the extinction of a race. Two sides racing to their appointment with destiny.

A leader of men, determined to outwit the foretelling of his doom, leads his people in a sickening massacre to secure the continuation of his race.

A single man, troubled with nightmares and voices in dreams, worries for his sanity as his life crumbles around him.  Alone and friendless, Vincent escapes to isolated freedom, the loneliness forcing him to succumb to the terrifying nightmares and finally, to listen to the voices in the dreams.

Many worlds away across the aching void, Farra listens to the voices in her own dreams, and embarks upon a perilous journey to bring truth and justice to one troubled soul struggling to find a purpose.

The child that is now a man must face his nemesis and end the tide of evil that laid waste his world as he took his first breath.

The voices in the dreams lead them on a journey through space and time, from world to world in a desperate struggle for truth, justice, life.

ISBN 9780957052017

For details of where to purchase Redemption – click here


The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping

Have you ever been too afraid to go to sleep?

Vincent and Farra hadn’t either, but when the people of Lilea fall victim to a mysterious and frightening affliction, sleep becomes the gateway to a new and terrible danger.

With their spirit guides vanished, and unable to wake their friends and neighbours, they soon realise that a new evil is amongst them.

Trying desperately to stay awake, Vincent finds himself plunged into a nightmare battle to find the truth amidst the make believe.

Many days across the gulf of space, the Drycenians suddenly find themselves hosts uninvited guests, who beg them for help.

As they race to Lilea, knowing only that their dearest friends are in desperate peril, they must find a way to communicate with their new guests, and together, find a way to help them.

In order to save Lilea, Vincent must first be found and brought to safety.  It is up to one man to venture into the darkness, putting his own soul at risk, and lead him back to safety.

Only once Vincent is found and safe, can everyone work to end this evil and save the people of Lilea from the terror of The Sleeping.

What new intrigue is at work on Lilea and how do these two alien friends solve this mystery, to save the people of Lilea?

ISBN 9780957052024

For details of where to purchase The Sleeping – click here


The Lilean Chronicles: Book Three ~ Changing Faces

How can a man be in two places at once?

An evil, ancient as time itself is inadvertently set free and begins to feed, threatening the Drycenian home world and all of her people with extinction.

A crime of unimaginable horror promises to destroy a bond of friendship that once transcended the gulf between two alien races.  An unspeakable murder with just one obvious suspect.

As Vincent faces execution, his friends find a truth so terrifying that none wishes to believe it.

What was once just whispered tales around the firesides of drunken men, is now these friends’ horrifying reality, and one for which they must find a solution before it is too late for Vincent.

A cold and primitive world, half a galaxy away, proves to hold the only thread of hope for resolution, held within the memory of a mysterious spiritual leader.

As the Drycenians continue to die, the friends must find out how to kill an evil so ancient, it is thought to be nothing more than legend.

ISBN 9780957052031

For details of where to purchase Changing Faces – click here


avalanche_effect_front 250 wide

The Lilean Chronicles: Book Four ~ Avalanche Effect

An empty cradle, a broken promise, and a desperate race across the galaxy.

A mysterious stranger brings dreadful news to Vincent and asks for his help.  Determined to keep the promise he made to his spirit guide, he quickly declines.

Discovering the empty cradle, the promise is forgotten and a ripple is caused in the tide of destiny.  A tiny ripple, the consequences of which far exceed anyone’s imagination, gathers strength and begins to affect those lives under its charge.

As Vincent and Farra turn their backs on the wisdom of the spirit guides, they embark upon a harrowing journey from world to world with the secretive law enforcement man.  Where is Gabriel and who has taken him from their arms?

An alien world, still recovering from the ravages of war awaits their arrival, and the fight to find Gabriel.

As faces from the past reappear, Vincent discovers the links between a long and bloody conflict, a medal won for valour, and a legendary angel.

ISBN 978-0-9570520-4-8

For details of where to purchase Avalanche Effect – click here


floxham final 300 wide

Floxham  Island ~ Sinclair V-Log AZ267/M

It’s funny how such an ordinary job could turn into a nightmare so quickly.

Arriving on the strangely deserted prison planet, the space cop finds a scene of unimaginable horror.

Finding themselves stranded there for several days, Sam Sinclair and his group of prison visitors are soon caught in a horrific fight for survival.

Facing the horrors that lurk in the dark, whilst avoiding those that dwell in the light, are only the first of Sam’s problems.

The dead are everywhere, in their hundreds they litter the island, but as new deaths take place, Sam realises that a killer is amongst them.

As their numbers dwindle, Sam must race to find the murderer and secure the lives of those still surviving amidst the horror that is Floxham Island.

ISBN 978-0-9570520-5-5

For details of where to purchase Floxham Island, click here



Acts of Life

In order to make this movie, first Jake must survive.

Jake Elloway has a glittering career as one of Earth’s most celebrated vidicom movie stars and enjoys his privileged lifestyle to the full.  An arrogant megalomaniac, he is handsome and talented, but selfish and indulgent.

Jake reluctantly agrees to spend three months living and working aboard an inter galactic freightliner as research for a new role, but finds few friends amongst the crew.

Life aboard the Mayan Queen quickly proves to be anything but comfortable, and when events suddenly take a dangerous turn, he realises not everyone on board is keen to protect him.

With space pirates hot on their heels, Jake and his friends make a desperate bid for freedom, and find themselves in a new and terrible nightmare.

ISBN 978-0-9570520-6-2

For details of where to purchase Acts of Life, click here


front 350 wide

One of the worst crimes against humanity the space cop has ever witnessed.

The people of Bygora Vandos just wanted to know what was killing their trees and poisoning their soil.  The mysterious Calmarin Research Station promised to do just that, but that was years ago and still there was no answer.

An unexplainable death catches the attention of the Law Enforcement Agency, and Sam Sinclair is despatched to investigate.  Working undercover with his new partner Ren, they begin the slow process of working their way into the company.

Sam finds many allies amongst the local people but with his cover blown and Ren taken prisoner, he no longer knows who can be trusted.  As the job reaches its explosive climax and the personal cost to Sam takes its toll, the shocking truth finally comes out.

ISBN 978-0-9570520-7-9

For details of where to purchase Bygora Vandos, click here


delectus cover_ebook 300 wide

An anthology of twenty short horror stories, designed to disturb, frighten and shock you to the core.

Just what does the cleaning woman discover when she presents herself for work at the home of the recently widowed elderly woman?

Brandy is excited when her new boyfriend asks her to come and meet his parents for the first time, but little does she know what lies in store for her up at the rambling house on the other side of the wood.

Santosh has been a fan of singer Hannah Tate for years, but a chance meeting with her quickly destroys his infatuation.  Little does he know, when he vents his anger on his website, the effect those words will have on him later.

~and more~

ISBN 978-0-9570520-8-6

For details of where to purchase Delectus Morbidium, click here


ebook cover 350 wide

How far would you go for love?

Sergeant Narek Jenn curses his shyness when Risa suddenly leaves without a word.

When he discovers the deceit that forced her to make this desperate decision, he vows to find her and give her the truth.

A chase across worlds, incarceration by insurgents, a crash landing, and finally, Narek is given a choice for which he knows there is but one answer.


ISBN – 978-0-9570520-9-3

For details of where to purchase A.W.O.L  click here


My other published work

Below are links to webzines and other places that have accepted examples of my short stories/articles etc for publication.

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Links to Author Interviews and guest blog posts

It is always a pleasure to be asked to give an interview or do a guest blog post.  I’ve added links below, just a click away.  I hope you enjoy reading them.  If you would like to interview me or have me do a guest blog post, email me at

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Guest blog for The Indie Ebook Review Site – Author Tales, 15th January 2013. Click here

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