Avalanche Effect

The fourth and final volume in the series is now available.  Many thanks once again to JL Stratton for the awesome cover art.

An empty cradle, a broken promise, and a desperate race across the galaxy.

A mysterious stranger brings dreadful news to Vincent and asks for his help.  Determined to keep the promise he made to his spirit guide, he quickly declines.

Discovering the empty cradle, the promise is forgotten and a ripple is caused in the tide of destiny.  A tiny ripple, the consequences of which far exceed anyone’s imagination, gathers strength and begins to affect those lives under its charge.

As Vincent and Farra turn their backs on the wisdom of the spirit guides, they embark upon a harrowing journey from world to world with the secretive law enforcement man.  Where is Gabriel and who has taken him from their arms?

An alien world, still recovering from the ravages of war awaits their arrival, and the fight to find Gabriel.

As faces from the past reappear, Vincent discovers the links between a long and bloody conflict, a medal won for valour, and a legendary angel.

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